On-Demand Consulting Services

Based in Seattle, Washington, but working worldwide; Elisa Shostak offers an array of niche, on-demand consulting services, short term contract projects and strategy sessions.  Current Compass Rose Strategic Consulting services include:

  • Functional website and application testing
  • Usability and User Experience testing
  • Customized SWOT, or Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis
  • Neutral New Business Idea Evaluation
  • Virtual Assistant services including personal shopper, shipper and event planning
  • Real Estate Paralegal assistance to licensed practitioners

Recent customers include:

  • A Seattle, Washington housing agency providing on-demand real estate paralegal services
  • A European based crowd testing agency
  • A Kirkland, Washington web search research firm
  • Numerous Seattle, Washington based financial service firms and real estate/ condominium service providers where services bridged the gap between external clients to ensure timely closings, contracts and agreement satisfaction.


References are available upon request.