What is a Compass Rose?

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A “Compass Rose” CRSC_mark_drkblu_px2x

is a figure or icon image which has appeared on charts and maps since the 1300’s to indicate wind direction.  There is no standard for drafting a “compass rose” although north is typically indicated by a fleur-de-lys or sometmes, fleur-de-lis.

In French, fleur means “flower”, and lis means “lily” as used as a decorative design or symbol. The term “rose” here, refers to the figure’s compass points resembling the petals of a flower.  To this day, a compass rose design appear on maps to show direction.

Elisa Shostak named her firm Compass Rose Strategic Consulting in 2002, and intentionally asked Greg McMurchie, the logo designer to convey direction and purpose in the logos he developed to brand the menu of on-demand consulting services.

It’s always a good time to watch for changes in direction of market competitors, threats and opportunities.  Keeping your website and applications free of bugs, or setting a strategy for overall growth and success are typical of service offerings.  At Compass Rose, the client determines the budget, timeline and expected course.  On demand services help clients to reach those goals, with a constant eye on:

  • Quick turn-around
  • Neutral “outsider” view
  • Accurate, authoritative competitive intelligence
  • Documented work